Art speak....


Again, I have failed with setting a routine and my blogging schedule.  In my defense, I would like to share with you a couple of pieces I am working on or have finished (below).  On a more personal note, I feel compelled for confession.  I am distracted and not as productive since the conclusion of "my view".  My sad deficiency of canvas work glaringly reminds me of this. I am distracted.   The effort I am exerting is of a more practical nature-the business side of selling and showing art.  Hopefully, sooner than later, I will have a revelation or two to share concerning just this.  Yes, this is a teaser and designed to (hopefully) keep you tuned in.  Perhaps even to create some dialogue with any of you who wish to post a comment, or ask a question.  

So, if you have a topic of interest, a question, or comment please let me know. 
I would be glad for some art speak. 


landscape (in progress) for a private commission
18 x 24" oils


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