Day 358


I have recently acquired a new blogger friend, and she posted a comment to which I have had a strong reaction.  The statement, emphasized the importance of family and friends, and how my need for their support would be most realized when when this project is finished and put away.  At first, I did not fully comprehend the exact importance to her words. But, {and forgive me if I am wrong (EE)}, the point is, how important these family and friends will be, when My View From 1502 is finally completed. 

This perspective has startled me. I have not given a lot of consideration to what things will be like afterward.  What will become of my idleness, when there is no blog to answer to, no art to tweet, and the last face-book post has been made.

My answer makes the art feel more important tonight. I know beyond a doubt that this is a journey. There are many twists, turns, and valleys. But, pushing myself to keep working through, has taught me something about myself and my willpower. (there is a lot more in here than I realized) I am capable of pushing myself artistically. I can hammer it out when I am in a pinch too!

So, here is to journeys, and roads less traveled...



~ps~......7 more days!!!

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