Day 163............pop, pop, pop art

8x10 oils on canvas. pop art
There is a reason for the pop art piece tonight. Someone who shall remain nameless, told me that he was waiting for the day that he looked at the blog and there was a circle painted in the middle of a canvas, and nothing more. Well, Ken, here ya go! Not quite your prediction, but four circles and a nice little square in the middle. (ha ha-guess you are no longer nameless)

After 160 plus days I can not be too upset at myself for feeling like I have hit a bit of a wall. But, I have, I am, and I am tired. I do not know if this is a transitional piece and I need some time to wool gather tonight and maybe move on in a different direction. Or, maybe I simply needed a mental break.

Nonetheless, here it is and so it shall stay. (for today anyway)

Nite Friends,
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