Sunday, and I am looking out the window at an eery looking morning as the morning sun burns its way through a misty cloud filled sky.  On the grass and deck lie scattered and curling leaves. Just beyond into the yard are two last hydrangeas which have managed to make a final appearance.  The ending of one season and into another. 
My corner of the studio
In the time that I have taken to write, the sun has already burned away much of the fog and mist and I feel the warmth of the sun through the window.  Today the blog will be short.  I have only a couple of things to share with you. 

Monday is the day one of the paint skins workshop.  There are a few places left if you are still interested in participating.  Contact me, or norton parks and rec. (information in the previous post) Class will begin at 6pm, and cost is $20. 

This is the newest finished Surreal Tree Painting.
Forgive the poor cropping of this photo
Surreal Tree Series
Mixed Media on Canvas

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