Mondays are quickly becoming a great day for me.  It is not often you will hear that statement is it.

There is something about the mix of sunshine, and a bit of focus, that produces the right formula for creating art.
12 x 24" pre-stretched canvas
Media: mixed watercolor, ink & marker
Price: $350

the symbolism of trees are regarded by some as powerful indicators of certain traits and to convey particular qualities and I guess it is this fascination which captivates me and helps me to express artistically where my words fail. 

The image to the right is a particular area where we visited back in March.  I shared this picture then (if I remember correctly).  I kept being drawn to the vines and/or trunk if you will, thinking it was the graceful undulation, colors or textures. Maybe even the purple wisteria glowing above me, that captivated so.  What I did not comprehend, was soon to be revealed.  At home, and downloading photos, I saw what I had missed. Vines and branches, that had woven themselves into the form of a woman. 
Interestingly, at the time, I felt compelled to take this picture I could not see what was right in front of me.  Yet there she stands, head bowed, upraised arms, bearing her load, it still amazes me every time. 

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