Day 330 .....35 days to go

11 x 14 Oil on Canvas
Untitled (for now)
  Last night a friend  texted me with a title that he felt suited yesterday's art. He said it should be called "Wading the Waters at St. Vincent River". I like that very much and think I shall entitle it just so.
  Next,  a correction is needed. The last few larger pieces I declared as being 12 x 16 in size, I was wrong. They are actually 11 x 14. 
  The end of this journey is even closer upon me. I am feeling very reflective and in a sort of ethereal place.  Never imagining that I could actually plunge myself into this project and manage to see it to the end, has proven to me a lot about myself. I find myself almost worrying about the end. Will I be lost? Will I be sad? Has this been worth it? I know that I can answer that one right now. YES. 
   The freedom to paint whatever, however I want each day is just that, a freedom. To play and experiment is a luxury that I have never afforded myself artistically until now. I know now that I will go forward with much more confidence about myself as and as an artist.
    Each day, I realize that as much of a challenge this has been,  it truly is a journey. I feel every emotion ranging from great joy and overwhelming angst. Each negative pushes me to work harder, to examine closer, but above all to keep working. 

and now I am almost ready celebrate. 

I  can not wait to see all 365 days of art hanging in one space. 


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