Day 298...

8 x10 oil on canvas

 Here are two angles of a sculpture that belongs to a series I created a few years back that I called "Emerging Series". It is about 14" high and and about 5-6" in diameter. and about 12" at the widest width. There were a total of 10 pieces that survived both firings, and I only have around 5 left.  My medium was clay, and armature that burned away in the kiln. They are very organic in their looks and texture.
I never felt as if I finished this series and that it was finished with me.  I was taking art classes at the time and no longer have access to a kiln. A kiln is at the top 10 of my BIG wish list!
If you are interested in seeing the others I will post the two that I have.
The base it is sitting on si made of wood that I found when we moved into our house. It just seemed to be the perfect display spot.

Oh, and of course there is today's art. Another little fun piece using diluted oils and a pencil on canvas. There is not a lot of explanation needed for this type of work. I think it is a simple matter of being in a place where I need to create something less stressful and give myself a chance to regroup or dilute the stress and let it run off the edge of my paintbrush!

The best thing about this project (and I know I have repeated myself numerous times) is not having to focus on a cohesive body of work (I realize some have come about as a result of this) but that I have given myself the freedom to explore me and internalize. It does sound selfish, I realize, but is a great opportunity for me and I continue to grow from this exploration.

I guess I am feeling "wordy" today. I will keep it short and sweet for the weekend. Hope each of you have a great one.
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