Day 274.............90 days left

8x10 oil on canvas
Stained Glass

Ninety days...from some viewpoints may seem like a long time, and in some ways it is true. For me it means three months or ninety paintings yet to be painted.

As the countdown continues my perspective is shifting. I see each day with different eyes. My practical side still chaffs at the requirements on my time and flounders every day with my discipline. But, once I allow my process to employ itself (you know-applying ass to seat, hand to brush and brush to canvas) then the art can happen.

The inability to express myself verbally is a demon I  face everyday as I begin to blog. Some days I want to just fill the blog with random and varied adjectives. If there is a formula to the writing process it escapes me consistently. 

How do writers wring tears of sadness and shouts of jubilation?

With a little luck my art will inspire a few of their own. 


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