Day 271....93 days and still counting

Above are pictures of my collaged Bread Box!
This is a photo of most of my art , stacked along the basement wall! 
That is a LOT of art down there!
12 x 24 inches oil on canvas
...and last but hopefully NOT least, is today's art. I hope the first thing that catches you off guard is the size! I just could not bear to try to cram my art onto another small canvas. Do you feel my sense of frustration as I make that declaration? I have been threatening to tape a bunch of the 8x10's together and do a large painting. Then post a picture of one section each day.
I have always worked on much larger canvas, and I now know that I like them better and for a good reason. I feel so cramped and I have noticed that I overwork my art some days because of this.
It is raining here today where I live. I will not have to water the flowers today. 
I am hoping that my plans are not going to be ruined for the evening, we may have to create a plan B.


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