Day 270...94 days of art to paint, 94 days of art...

8x10 oils on canvas

I am not sure I can title tonight's art  anything else-even if I want to. The culmination of feelings generated out and in to this work were effortless in application but left me struggling to blog. (you remember, that thing I am supposed to have improved at while doing this project)

It has been a rough week and my emotions are very near the surface. Artistically, I feel exposed and raw after finishing this piece. The great thing about tapping into those emotions and allowing them out through your art is the transformation that takes place. A painting elevates from average to powerful. Leaving your comfort zone is never easy, but, I guarantee the results are always positive.

Before I forget (again) I would like to say hello to the recent visitors and followers to the blog. Thanks for taking time to come visit. I hope you found it worthwhile and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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