Day 235

8x10 close up the upper left corner of today's painting
 Sometimes, I see paintings inside of paintings. Today's art has several. I picked my favorite to share.
8x10 oil on canvas
Today blogger is back up and working! Whew, that was scary, and I am relieved.

I would really hate to fail on this project so close to the finish line. This would be more easy than you might think. Lately, I have been struggling to paint. I am beginning to fear artist block. If that should shut me down at this point I would have a hard time accepting that. 

Someone commented to me recently about how deeply dedicated and how much discipline that I have exhibited to have come this far. I was a bit taken aback. Honestly, I do not feel that I qualify for those adjectives. This project is so many things to me and it is so hard to talk openly to you. The daily struggles become a bit overwhelming some days. Lately,I have threatened to quit on more than one occasion. I have been known to get frustrated and throw a canvas or tube of paint in the floor in a fit of aggravation.

So far, persistence has helped me to carry on. I also realize now, these fits are often important in my process and usually run parallel to a turning point  in style or subject. Believe it or not it  is a recent breath through for me. Why is we always struggle to see or understand the simple things and they always seem to come so slowly.

Thank you to those who checked in when the art was not in its normal place last night, and thanks to those who took time to follow it in the back door. (I guess some of that credit goes to facebook and twitter).

Tomorrow is graduation for our house. Celebrate good times come on!!

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