Day 161 and Day 157 (make up work)

Day 161 8x10 oils on canvas

Day 157 8x10 oils on canvas
A thank you to all of you have remembered me and my family over the last few days. My dad is still in a precarious place with his health. We have been in a state of chaos, and a lot of it, in a short period of time.

Chaos. In Greek Mythology, Chaos (Khaos) was often referred to as a god. Chaos did not actually have a gender, but is defined as the dark void of space or the original state of existence that the first gods emerged.

Interestingly, we often refer to unexpected and tumultuous happenings in our lives using this term. We have taken it from a noun to adjective, and if any of my lovely friends would like to enlighten us with a bit of Etymology, please let us hear from you. I, for one am interested.

(and I am too lazy to research it tonight)


An aside: My daughter is taking a biology credit and the professor is using a book for the class is entitled: Wicked Plants, The Weed that killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart Click on the title for a link to this site where you can find out more about this book. She has been sharing tidbits with me, and I am looking forward to her finishing the book so that I may read it. Maybe you would as well.
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