Day 78 I Hate Snow!!

11x14 Oil on Canvas Panel
This piece will have to have a frame in order to hang. I mistakenly ordered panels instead of stretched canvas. Oh well. 
I am looking for a new direction. While I am not sure I going to stay in this area. For better or worse tonight this is what you get. I have learned one big thing while painting everyday. I really struggle to work in the smaller sizes. I am used to having large canvas areas to cover, or an entire wall when I do a mural. The good thing that comes out of that frustration, is that I am learning how to better plan my subject material. With time constraints and small canvas area....there is a very small margin for mistakes, because oils quickly turn to mud. 

Best Regards,

A little symbolism information for you: To stand upon a pier in your dream, denotes that you will be brave in your battle for recognition in prosperity's realm, and that you will be admitted to the highest posts of honor. If you strive to reach a pier and fail, you will lose the distinction you most coveted.
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