So What's New In My Art World...?

I dropped the blogging ball, so to speak, and I'm sorry about that! I began a full time job a while back, and honestly, I am trying to absorb a lot of new information and working again after a long hiatus is really kicking my butt. I just haven't had the energy to create. 

So what is new in my art world? 

When we moved here, I became a member of the Lynchburg Art Club. I am submitting a couple pieces for the upcoming member exhibit called "Heritage & Vintage".

                                     Check out their site here: Lynchburg Art Club

As a new member I am really looking forward to this event, meeting members of the community, enjoying art and fellowship. 

Please consider joining us in support of our event. 
And bring your wallets! 🤓

Here are images my pieces, newly framed, and ready to enter! I
Please Do not grade my on the photo quality, just come see the work in person!



Peace and Happy Saturday!


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