The Rooster...

More often than not I have had to address the allegation of not being a 'real artist because I choose to work in abstract and surrealism. These presumptive criticisms, made by others, always include questioning my capabilities and generally come from people who lack knowledge about art. The short and long of this story is that someone questioned my ability to paint, in particular, a rooster. (i know...a rooster of all things!) 

This time I decided to pick up the gauntlet.....the rooster!
12 x 12 inch on canvas paper 
with watercolor pencil, ink and a bit of oils
The Rooster
(not matted)

The following excerpt is from the poem "The Roosters" by Ch'en T'ao writing in the T'ang Dynasty 

The roosters crow in the park on a spring dawn:
The first crow-- the moon goes down in a swoon;
The second crow-- people are wakened from their dreams;
The third crow-- the streets are a-dust with a milling crowd.


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