Day 309...shame on the moon

12 x 12 oil/acrylic/metallic on canvas

Shame on the Moon
12 x 12 oil/acrylic/metallic on canvas

Shame on the Moon
Name that song? Oh wait, I gave you the you give me the artist!?!

As is becoming a yearly event, I have poison ivy, which translates into a trip to the doctor and a damn shot!  I am such a wimp when it comes to needles, so, by the time I make it to the doctor's office my nerves are jumping, I am sweating a like a....insert something here and that jacks up my blood pressure.

I am fine. Just a drama queen moment kind of thing.

About the art.

I fully intended to give it a minimal effort at best. I was just NOT feeling artistically motivated.  When I began the set up process this song (art title) came on Pandora. It was released in 1982 (I was 18 years old) and, became tonight's inspiration for painting.

Let me know if you know who the artist is. If you do not, let me know that too.
I would like for you to make the connection to the song.

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