Day 258...

close up of middle section

8x10 oil on canvas
 "Chasing the Devil Away"

Today's piece is definitely inspired and influenced by Reggae music. Thank you Bob Marley and Pandora which builds an awesome mix.

The title (I know, do not fall out of your chairs) comes from a title of a piece I was listening to while painting. Not really paying attention to the music, it was doing its job as a focusing tool. As I began to finish up, the lyrics and movement of the music began to penetrate my concentration and a title was obvious. 

I see so many things that please me in today's art. (finally, after a couple of weeks of hit and misses and too much focus on the wrong things) I am chasing away my "devils" and allowing some positive energy back in. 

I hope that when you see today's work it has the same impact on you and that you will not just take my word but look for yourself. 

I look forward to any comments you might wish to share. 

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