Day 186....What is your Manifesto?

8x10 oils on canvas
I am going to call this art bella__________ (fill in the blank). There is a story that goes with this piece. A kind of powerful one. However, it is a personal story for someone else, and I am not comfortable revealing something personal about their lives, so I will move on to another topic...
Today I ran across a blog. Where artists of all genres were discussing Manifestos. I read and read posted comments. Some were ok, others were great. It was interesting how they were similar and how very different they could be. What I did notice is an inherent need to feel faith in something. Whether from a christian perspective or some other belief, people want to believe in a greater good. Now, I am not saying that they all had this common factor, just that I noticed it reoccurring over and over. 
As the day has moved on, I have been thinking about what my creative manifesto would be and my personal one as well. 

My Personal Manifesto
  • Have courage.
  • Reach for your dreams.
  • Remember time does run out, once gone you can not get it back.
  • Remember: you have to lay down and sleep with your conscious every night.
  • No regrets, it is the past crippling you in the present.
  • Be kind. Period.
  • I really DO want world peace.
  • Make a difference-even the small ones count.
  • Never waste- there really are people starving.
  • Do at least one thing that really scares you.
  • Do at least one thing that really challenges all your senses.
  • Witness death, for it will remind you how fragile life is and to appreciate that.
  • Money may make life easier to manage, but, if you've no one to share it with....what is the point?
  • Love- With your whole heart-you might get hurt, but you will survive to love again.
  • Love squandered is your loss.
  • Hold nothing back, for you may not take it with you when you go.
  • Have faith in something.
  • Grow something.
  • Listen to mother nature, she has been around a long time for a reason.
I know there will be more, and I will have to create a professional/art one as well, but for now that is it.....
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