Day 167 ....winter wonderland

8x10 oil on canvas
Today, we woke up to a winter wonderland, and drops the size of cotton balls dropping from the sky. The ground has had some time to warm up, luckily, so, we were not facing slick and dangerous roads. The even better news is that the weather is supposed to be back to normal tomorrow. Whew....
Personally, I was not to happy to see the site of snow covered grounds and was sitting around whining and beleaguering the situation. My youngest daughter (ever the optimist) pulled the curtains back and talked me into, laying in the floor with her. While on our backs, looking out our sliding glass doors, the skies seemed to encompass us as though we were inside a snow globe.
A simple change in my perspective, and I was given a new outlook. Not only did I get to hang out with one of my kids, and I began to perceive of my opportunity. What opportunity you ask? I remembered the wonder of a snow flake, and marvel at the resilience of daffodil and lilies. The velvety purple crocus with its face turned to the sky, as mother nature gently laid a soft blanket of white all about.

My art.....well, lets just save that discussion for another day, I am embracing the reminder to be grateful for simple things.

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