Day 115 Perceptions, Emotions and Abstract Art

8x10 oil on canvas   $100
Artistically, it is still all about the abstract. I know a lot of you are still struggling with it. I know you are at least trying. In appreciation of this I am putting forth more effort into blogging tonight. 

Ask yourself why would an artist spend so much time creating  something without meaning or for mere decoration? There must be something more to it?

One of the most important reasons I decided to do the blogging along with the art (since I am mainly abstract expressionist in style) is that in order to put abstract art into context, you need to know something about the artist who creates it, the culture they live in and the environment in which the art is created.With these things in mind and viewing works of art, remember artists (me) are strongly influenced by the times they live in and, no matter how innovative, they cannot completely escape the boundaries of their culture.

Abstract has become a powerful tool. Artists use it  to help bypass literal perceptions and reach otherwise inaccessible areas of emotions. The more abstract the art, the less preconceptions it awakens in the observers mind.  Simple really.
(To a certain friend (KFL) who swears that art fails after  the Renaissance period.....remember  your comments of today and the past few about Day 110? I rest my case!)
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