Day 85 Which Direction is My Direction?

4x12x2 in Oil on Canvas 
It is a snowy, icy mess from my view today. A lot of places were not open and the roads are a mess. We did not get as much snow as some of the higher elevation up the road a bit, but, enough to suit me for sure. I guess winter is here to stay.

Lately, I am doing a very poor job of writing and I apologize. I have been very scattered and unfocused with my direction. I must confess that I am struggling. I keep letting myself get caught up in the mundane daily events of my life and other outside influences. Whatever, you want to call them they are taking me away from my goal. 

I think a persons goals, should never be dictated by the mundane, trivial and social precepts of every day.  Instead they should be born from that which brings release and opens us to "that happy tree place". Every time I forget this, my work suffers.

 I am very proud to be at day 85. I am not so happy with some of the results/products of some of those days. I am going to work really hard at finding it again.

Hope everyone is warm, safe, and with loved ones~
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