Day Two: Did the Dalai Lama Say That.....

I think it really hit me this evening that I had announced to anyone who would listen that I am going to create a painting every day for the next 365 days and today is only day 2. What, was I thinking?? and whats worse than that? Talking about my work.  Something that until now I have shied away from, and avoided whenever possible.

   In order to help you get a better understanding of me and perhaps my art I should go back a bit. I do not have a degree in art. I have now had more training, but still no degree. A lot of my training came from watching television artists. (yes, I too believe there is something to happy accidents). I learned tricks, and techniques from these shows, and books, I looked at the Masters and replicated their work, and with the aid of some formal education, I learned how take what they all had to offer  and apply it, creating my own style. My support came from bravado, and a great family. Jumping in with both feet and I never looked back. If I had canvas-great, if not, oh well.

   Here I am, a couple of paragraphs later and I am already making emotional discoveries. Isn't it funny how sometimes the most simple things lead you to greater understanding (did the Dalai Lama say that?) What I mean is, sitting here telling you some of my story, I am realizing that my love for Mixed Media Art was born.  A simple passion to create, love of paint and texture, coupled with the lack of funds-gives birth to a  discovery of an art style. One which deepened the understanding of my world, increased my skills and fulfills a part of my self.

Ok, folks, here is #2.

Have a great evening. Lets see what tomorrow brings.
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